Saturday, July 23, 2016

Skirting the Issue

If you've been following the blog you know I have a large addition built on the back of my mobile.  When I bought the place it wasn't finished.  I threw on some stuff and forgot about it - till this year when I finally took the steps needed to put a nice finish on it.

It's built as post and pier, so there's an open gap underneath.  Mobile homes have skirting to enclose these gaps, buildings usually have foundations or some kind of skirting to finish it, as well as weatherproof it and keep animals out.

I get a lot of my ideas from Pinterest and found this one to be perfect for this end of the addition.
I used treated fencing boards, cut to size as pickets, with a small gap for airflow.  The ground is lined with patio blocks and gravel under that.

 It's a finished look, structurally adequate and adds a little charm to the old place.

I'll be adding gravel back here, rearranging the potted plants and chairs, so stay tuned for future posts on that.

** By the way, in previous posts there was a platform deck in this area and this was called the Privacy Deck Area, however time and weather  took its toll on the re-purposed wood I used and it needed to be removed.

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