Saturday, July 23, 2016

Fence Me In

I have lived here 11 years and always dreamed of a real wood fence along the property line between me and a very close neighbor.  2016 is my year to make this dream come true!

My friend and mentor helped me build this cedar fence.  What an involved process it was with leveling, digging deep holes, mixing concrete and buying supplies.

This section of fence is the perfect privacy screen, sight and sound barrier for folks who love their space.  6 feet tall and over 30 feet long, it will last a good long time.

From any section of the yard I can sit and admire my plants and wildlife - in privacy!

My next phase for this section is to add more plants.

In the back we installed a 10 foot section that now allows me a cozy little spot to hang out in peace.
Plus it creates a much needed wind break!

Stay tuned for more improvements!

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