The Pacific Northwest
Photo Gift Books: The Pacific Northwest
Photography of the Pacific Northwest, USA by J Gray
Photo Gift Books: Abstracts
Abstract images by Jeni Gray. The complete collection. Photography and Convergent Media.
Poetic Zen
Poetry & Images: Poetic Zen
Poetic Zen was first printed in 2004. Now revised in 2016 with all new color images and a bonus poem!
Messages of Hope
Messages of Hope comes at a time we most need it, for the country, for the world, for ourselves. A collection of poems, essays, art and photography by four artists.
Looking Glass Series

Photo Gift Books: Looking Glass Series

Photography collection by J Gray

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The New World

Photo Gift Books: The New World

Abstract images of nature in The Pacific Northwest, USA, by J Gray.

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Backyard Bird Sightings

E books : Backyard Bird Sightings

Bird Tracking Template. Undated at a glance for documenting wildlife activity, even the weather. Simple graph template that you can download, print out and fill in. One page for four years!

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