Saturday, June 9, 2018

How Time Flies: Spring Update

Many, many apologies to my readers for my absence.  I honestly didn't realize it had been two whole months since my last post!  And the last couple of them haven't even been about my place.

I do not know if I can make up for it, but I can recap some of what I've been up to.

The door to nowhere finally has steps!  This sat undone for almost a year after a friend and I took down the old dry rot porch.
I also painted the side of the garden shed a light green, although pictured here is just the white primer.

I have been out in the yard doing whatever presents itself as far as weeding and maintenance goes.  It's been a lovely cool Spring here, just like we like it!

I'm thinking about some artistic paint projects for when it finally quits raining, like a couple of fun murals on the garden shed walls.  I also found some lovely yellow paint I'd like to add on the house for accent color.

I'm building a very small deck off another back door that will require some design tweaks for the steps, stay tuned!  I will also add some potted plants back there as it gets great summer sun.

I think my front porch / mud room will hold up a while longer.  It's not settling anymore and the structure seems sound.  The dry rot was replaced a couple years ago and the steps and deck are new.
Robynne if you're reading this, I lost your email!  Contact me, I'm curious as to how your mudroom is going.

 Last week the majestic Pileated woodpecker stopped by to devour an old piece of log I had sitting around.  What an amazing bird!  I did also get a shot of him on the tree.

 Well it's a great day to stay in by the fire while it pours outside.  Hope you're having a good weekend.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Serious Art Business

I just read a fantastic article for anyone who is serious about their art business.  Here is the link:  

Artrepreneur is an outstanding resource for artists.  I believe it was originally started by a lawyer for the arts, so it always has in-depth reliable information for artists that you just don't get other places.

This article covers the aspects of documenting your artwork.  I can't stress enough how important it is to photograph and save your images of your artwork in several places.  You can insure it, but as someone in the article pointed out, isn't always practical.

For visual artists this is imperative.  The digital age makes this easy and difficult at the same time.  If you shoot film you always have your negatives, but you should also keep digital files of those images. Digital images run the risk of being deleted through computer crashes or the like.  I suggest backing up to an SD card, DVD disk and a Cloud service.  Keep one of the back ups in a different location than your home.

For my jewelry work I started out needing a photo log for inventory, so I use an Excel spreadsheet to add a thumbnail image, SKU number, description, price and a box for where it is, which could be on Etsy, in a gallery or sold.  Very helpful!  I also use this list to accompany my artwork installations as the inventory sheet.

At any rate, taking your small business seriously will include a reliable bookkeeping system which includes tracking your work and safeguarding it.

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