Friday, November 11, 2011

Retro Trailer Addition

For those of us who love our retro style trailers and mobile homes, there comes a time when more space is needed!  Fortunately for me, my place already had a terrific addition built on when I bought the place.

This is a 8'x24' addition that is built off one side of the trailer - I call it the back.  The interesting thing here is that the roof line was extended from the roof-over structure, keeping the pitch the same (see photo below).

By the way, a roof-over is a must have with these old places.  When built to code, they are extremely sturdy and last forever.  The beams are cemented in the ground.

This addition allows you to have a wood structure that you can insulate and install upgraded windows and electrical, adding warmth and efficiency.

On the inside you have full creative license to do whatever you want.  In this case of course, the previous owner went for off-white paint and wood trim. 
The section here in the photograph is just the living room portion, 12'x8'.  It's a perfect addition to the existing living room which would be really small without it since it is a single wide mobile.
The other 12'x8' section of the addition is a small room with big windows that I use for the bedroom, very cozy.

This structure is insulated, with drywall and flooring.  I love the many windows which let in so much light!

On the other side a front porch was built, which I call the mud room.  It is actually not attached to the trailer at all, just the beams and roof.  I loved the round window!

This look gives an old trailer a lot of character, besides the extra room!!
I hope this has inspired you with ideas for your own retro trailer.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.


  1. Love your place! Our trailer plans fell through, but I'm still inspired by your home. -Hilary

  2. Keep looking Hilary! There is a perfect one for you.
    Thanks so much for stopping by - you inspire me to keep at it! :)

  3. Your place is so adorable, Jeni! It's warm and cozy with lots of light. Both are real pluses as the days get colder and shorter, eh? I love seeing pictures of your retro retreat. It just makes me feel happy and calm when I see your place. Thanks for the good vibes. :-)

  4. Thank you Jennifer for the compliment! I am so glad you were able to come by this year.
    I'm glad you picked up on the vibe here, while some of it is what I have created, I also love the tranquility of the nearby forest. :)

  5. Hi,
    LOVE your mudroom!!! Did you have any code issues with the mudroom addition? I have lusted after a mudroom at my front door for two years now. By code in Wisconsin, I cannot attach anything to my single wide. I am still trying find a way to build a mud room without attaching to the mobile.

    1. Hi!
      Thanks for visiting.
      I bought it like this - except for my remodel inside. I think how they got around it is because it's not actually attached to the mobile, just the roof and beams for the roof over.

      This might give you some idea of how the inside looks.


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