Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dickie Head Case

What?  I'm sure you all think I have lost my mind - but hear me out.
Between the house projects I have been playing with recycling ideas for clothing.  So in the spirit of the New Pioneer Style, I have come up with one more way to use those old t-shirts!

As you know I first started using the bottom half of the shirts to make a circular scarf, hand dyed and 100% cotton - bonus.  (For sale here on the blog!)

Now, I give you the sleeves - yes, I said sleeves.  I have taken the larger sizes, kept their shape and created a double function head scarf (bandana style) and neck scarf, warmer, etc.

I give you - The Dickie Headcase.

Remember the Dickie?  You might have to be a Boomer to remember them, but I have fond memories of those turtlenecks that you could wear under anything.  I liken this one to more of a lightweight neck warmer.

I of course dyed these in all my favorite colors;  teal blue, deep purple, bronze and dark green.

I was wondering if there was a market for these.  I plan to wear them in the garden, with t-shirts in the summer, or to accent any other New Pioneer outfit I have.
I also thought these would be great for those with dreadlocks, making them a unisex item! 

Have you got any ideas on other ways to wear them?  Please share! 



  1. These are super fun, Jeni! You've thought of some great uses for t-shirts, and, as usual, your colors are beautiful! I think it would make a great sleeping hat on camping trips and on cold winter nights. :-)

  2. Jennifer that is a terrific idea! Who'd have thought so many uses could come from a sleeve??? I like layering mine around my neck, with different colors.
    How about a doggie T or baby hat?
    Thanks for being here!! :)


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