Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bathroom Make Over - Again

Who said you should only redo the bathroom once?

After eight years I decided to redo the bathroom once again.  I was actually getting tired of looking at those surf boards, although cute, were starting to wear on me.

So the first version was covered in this post from 2008:  http://huckleberry-hollow.blogspot.com/2011/01/bathroom-makeover.html .

Last Fall I dove in with a whole new look;  calmer, more mellow, minimalist.

I mixed the paint myself, it's a creamy beige.  I removed all of the wood trim and caulked the seams.  Pictured here (finished) with a new shower curtain and new art.

I made a tile back-splash and found a cool old hook for a hand towel rack.  I already had the wood towel racks.

The art is from a new friend I found on Etsy, Edwardo, from Spain.  He paints beautiful watercolors.  These two matched my decor perfectly.

I even painted the floor.  As per my previous success with the dining room floor, this was a terrific idea.  It really lightened up the whole room!

All floor trim was replaced with cove base, made for bathrooms and kitchens.

One last radical redo was this space above the furnace - (yes, it's in the bathroom).  Previously I used it for towels and other bathroom supplies.
Now it is strictly decor.  The salt lamp is a perfect night light too.

So there's my modernized bathroom make-over for this year!


  1. Jeni, I really love what you have done here. I wish I "could" go minimalist. I have so many favorite things that I like having out where I can see them and that leads to having a lot of stuff sitting out. That's a great shower curtain, and I like your back splash a lot. Great job!!

  2. Hi Kathy! I love all the things you do with your place, you make it all fit so well! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  3. This is GREAT! Your whole blog is wonderful, and I'd like to subscribe but can't find the "subscribe here" button.

    1. Hi Robynne! Thanks for checking out the blog. "Follow By Email" is my Subscribe method and it's on the right side panel.

    2. I found it! I just needed to go to the desktop version instead of the mobile version. Easy-peasy, I'm signed up!

      I'm so thankful and excited to have stumbled upon your blog. I just bought a little farm, and it has an older mobile home. I know they typically depreciate in value unlike stick-built houses, and there's also a stigma attached that I just can't get past, so anything I can do to elevate not only the exterior, but also the interior will be fantastic! Gosh, I'm so anxious to delve into all your posts!

    3. Hi again Robynne! So sorry, didn't know you were on mobile. Glad you found it.
      Sounds like you are where I was a while back, so you might want to check out this post
      https://huckleberry-hollow.blogspot.com/2012/04/mobile-home-living.html and then check out the Mobile Home Living Blog (links are in my post), you will LOVE what she's got going over there.
      Looking forward to hearing and seeing what you'll be up to with your new place! And many congrats, you won't regret it!!!! :)

    4. PS Robynne: I just added the link to the featured article on my sidebar which will hook you up with Mobile Home Living. :)

    5. Thanks, Jen! I just closed on the place, and had the entire mobile home professionally cleaned. The original owners smoked inside for 25 years. The vinyl walls are sooo bad, but even worse is the master bathroom. The floor under the commode is soft so they just stuck a piece of plywood under the commode. I don't know how to fix that. The tub/shower and surround are deeply yellowed except for the very bottom of the outside, which is still white. I want desperately to replace it with a simple shower,but everything I'm finding at the big home improvement stores is too big for the space! Where can I find a shower pan and surround? Please help!

    6. Thank you for the links! I signed up for the MHL blog.

    7. Hi again Robin! Well as you can see here, that is exactly what we did with the toilet. It's a temporary fix but eventually the floor needs to be replaced.
      Yes! Fixtures are too big for these places. My friend Chrystal over at Mobile Home Living just did an article about that. She may have some leads. Or, maybe you can find someone clever enough to make a floor pan out of steel or the like. Keep me posted!!

    8. I just found your post about the floor under your toilet- thanks, it made me feel better!
      I'll try to find Crystal's post. Thank you so much!

      I was wrong about signing up for MHL's blog- there isn't one (that I can find). But it's easy enough to search.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Robynne, try this link: http://mobilehomeliving.org/6-mobile-home-maintenance-tips-every-owner-should-know/


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