Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kitchen Progress!

I know some of you have been waiting for me to finish the kitchen and let me tell you - so have I!
But it has been a slow process.
However, there has been some recent progress I can finally share with you.

I made curtains for the lower cabinets.  This fabric was an interesting find.  I wanted something washable with a country kitchen feel to it.  I finally settled on a painters drop cloth!  You would be surprised how soft and thick this heavy muslin is.  Just perfect!
I also decided on the very affordable curtain rod and clips found at the local hardware store.
This is the cabinet below the sink, and the horizontal board across the top covers a big gap.  I thought I would just fill the screw holes with wood putty, then decided on these wooden buttons instead!

On the other side of this tiny kitchen are the matching set of curtains.
There used to be a set of four drawers here, very small and useless in my opinion, so I took out the bottom three and added this cabinet door.  Inside I can store cookie sheets and pizza pans.
I mixed the accent color myself for the drawer and cabinet door.

The cabinets above are the same two tone colors with pine trim at the ceiling.

The other thing I've been working on is the wall above the stove and the two side walls.  As you know I originally installed shelves with metal brackets.  Well, when I painted the new creamy color I wanted pine accents instead.  
Needless to say I am still hunting for the right shelves above the stove, but have made two racks for the side walls.  

This pan rack was the result of a shopping trip to an antique store where I found the black wrought iron piece.  I decided to attach it to a nice piece of pine wood.  The pans hang from "S" hooks.

On the opposite wall I made a very simple utensil rack with pine and white nails.

I haven't decided yet if I want to add trim to the wood, or just leave the racks super simple like the are.  What do you think?

My other ongoing project has been a mosaic back-splash for above the kitchen sink.  I have been working on this for months, not because it's difficult, there has just been a lot of lag time in between phases.  I finally got the stone mosaic tiles attached to the piece of wood I wanted for the space.

I have had these tiles for years, probably out of style now, so it was a good thing I had enough!

Next I got the tile adhesive and grout in one mixture, perfect color, sand.

I love how this turned out!

I've been waiting on the perfect trim so I could finish it..... still to come I'm afraid.  But I did attach it to the wall above the sink anyway.  You'll see it after I find that illusive trim.

So there's a little sampling of what has been happening around the New Pioneer pad.


  1. Wow Jeni! You've been busy. I like what you have done. I've used drop cloth for making tablecloths, runners, and several things. It works well. Love the color you mixed for your cabinets. Lookin' great!!

  2. This looks fantastic, Jeni! I love the simple pine without trim. Your mosaic back splash looks wonderful! It must be so satisfying completing these projects, especially with such great results. xo Jennifer

  3. This looks wonderful!!! Thankyou for posting. When you have finished everything you will have to show us the entire kitchen. I'm having a hard time placing where these rennovations are in relation to the kitchen rennovation post you did awhile back. You are one talented woman!!!! I just love your place! It gives me such a warm cozy feeling!

    1. I know Lynne! You are totally right, and it's been on my mind to get the "big picture" on here. But it is still discombobulated at this point!!
      Thanks for your compliments anyway - and I will see what I can do about presenting a better perception of the whole... !! :)


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