Monday, November 19, 2012

Bad Weather Travel Tip

One of the things I have found to be necessary where I live is an over-night bag in the car.  This idea came to me, of course, after I was unable to return home due to a massive snow-turn-to-rain event back in 2007.  I wasn't able to return home for four days due to many mud slides and flooding.  Of course I knew kind friends who let me stay at their place, but imagine not even having your toothbrush with you.

So the over-night bag has become a staple emergency item that gets checked and repacked every Fall, and stays in the car till June.

Today I found a new use for it.  I was cleaning an outdoor hot tub for a client in the wettest downpour I have seen in a long time out here.  Needless to say I was mostly soaked.  I remembered that I had that bag in my car and was able to change into dry clothes in order to finish my work there.

Things to put in this bag would be pertinent to you and your travel habits.  A change of clothes, toiletries, pj's, etc.  I also put a twenty dollar bill in there.
It's really about peace of mind for me.  I imagine that four day stay away from home and think about what I might like to have with me.  

In a worse case scenario, a bottle of water, even some non perishable food might be a good idea.  A blanket and a flash light.  I have a space blanket that fits in the glove box.  What if you had to sleep in your car?  

Imagine no cell service, no people, bad weather, maybe it's dark.  That's no time to panic, just be prepared.

Have any great travel tips to share?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dining Room Makeover

In early Fall I took on a small project in the dining room.  For years I had been looking looking at half a cabinet, and an unfinished counter - left from the previous owner.  I would sit and contemplate how I would remedy this while eating my meals.  Since it is just me and a limited budget, the built in buffet would have to stay a dream.  But with a little elbow grease and some paint I could at least make it look better.

This is the "before" shot.  Not bad actually, but I did a good job of hiding the imperfections.

I actually did little damage to the wall getting the cabinet out!  These old mobiles are put together with some kind of space-age like glue and staples, so sometimes removal isn't even possible. 

I next removed the counter.  It is about eight feet long and weighs a ton, so you can imagine my small self pulling this baby out - and not dropping it on my toes!

I patched the holes and did two coats of primer.  I also painted the little cabinet there to the right.  It's two shelving units from WalMart - dreadful fake wood look.  Later I paint it  and put on vintage handles.

This is the finished paint, sorry, kind of a dark photo.  I went with a butter cream to lighten things up.

And, back to the finished wall.  Notice the stunning red cabinet with vintage handles.  Perfect added storage.

You're probably wondering why the split color on that back wall (to the right).  Well, the darker color is actually on drywall that was installed before I moved here.  Nice texture and I had already painted it, so I left it.  That color stretches around the room to the right.

I just happened to have that long shelf from another room and it fits perfect on the wall above the log shelf. 

All I need to do now is add the ceiling trim - and paint that hideous orange floor!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Uncharted Territory

A cold front has moved down from Alaska bringing us some early frost.  I set out to take some photos one morning, although it was only 30 degrees.  A down coat and wool gloves were in order.

As is usually the case with camera in hand, I forget all time and temperature, and an hour had passed before I realized I could no longer feel my fingers!

I couldn't decide which I liked better, color, or black and white, of the frosty rhododendrons.

I spent a long while crawling around the base of old stumps shooting these little guys.  I believe they are called Cladonia carneola, a lichen, only reaching about an inch in height! 

The frost made for some delightful light play, whether I used color or black and white.

Rain returns tomorrow, so it was fun while it lasted.  Perhaps some snow pictures will be in order next month!

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