Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Pioneer Unplugged

Modern civilization is great, full of conveniences like cars, cell phones, email and the internet.  We can connect with friends and family anywhere in the world at any time day or night.

This observation got me to thinking and wondering if we are handling it responsibly.  Are we still taking care of ourselves?  Getting enough rest, experiencing enough peace.

Even in my fairly laid back lifestyle I still make a point to take a day or two a week to "unplug".  
A mental detox, refraining from human interaction.  It's not necessarily a day I do nothing, I might be quite inspired and deep in a creative project or gardening.
But I do tend to get my best ideas when I'm just sitting on the deck watching the birds.

Simply put, it's like we're a container, and while we're busy and on the go our container is full.  When we unplug and relax our container is empty and allowing new thoughts and ideas in.
I think this is how the Source speaks to us (or God or Buddha, whatever works for you), and if we just heed it, great things can develop.

If we're constantly on the go how do the messages get through?

Just recently I had a breakthrough in my personal life.  At first I found myself struggling to understand a recent challenge.  I took a day to unplug and relax, by mid-day it hit me, enlightenment!  I journaled for over an hour and the issue was resolved.  Wow - therapy on the cheap.

It's my belief that we really do already have all the answers - if we will but listen and trust our intuition.

Have you had a similar experience?


  1. Hi Jeni! I know just what you mean! When I sit quietly with the intention of meditating, I often get great ideas, and solutions to problems come to me. I like how you describe it as full and empty. That's a great picture--thanks! :-) Jennifer

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I knew you could relate! I wondered later if "empty" might communicate negativity - but you got it, so thanks for sharing, as always!! :)

  3. Hai Jeni Gray,
    So rightly said...
    we do have our own answers for every questions;
    but its important, how we listen ourself.


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