Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring at Last!

I know the calendar said it was Spring, but it didn't really feel like it here in the Pacific Northwest until last weekend.  In fact, we got a three day hot spell in the upper 80's which was quite a switch from the cool, rainy days we'd been having.

I've been enjoying the birds that return to my feeders every year like the goldfinch and grosbeak.  The watering hole has been the real social hub, where many of the warblers have been seen too.

So here's a little photo tour of the yard and some of what's out now in May.

One of my favorite birds is the MacGullivray's warbler.  They return here every year to nest and raise their young.  Usually very illusive, this year he is underfoot, in the birdbath, in the yard, and along the back bank outside my window.  Today he was protecting his territory from the other MacG in the reflection of the glass.  It was quite a show and I got several photos of him up close. 
(No harm came to either party by the way.) 

Isn't he a beauty??

I rescued a hummingbird today who flew into the front porch mudroom and was confused by the large round window he couldn't escape from.  He was quite cooperative as I gently cupped my hand over him.  He actually sat on my finger as I took him outside, probably relieved to be over that adventure, but not willing to wait while I got the camera out for a photo though...

The tomato plants are in as well as the squash, spinach and lettuce, but I'm keeping it pretty low key this year and using mostly containers.
It's hard to tell what the rest of the season is going to be like with this unpredictable weather too.

I hope everyone is getting a chance to enjoy nature and wildlife where they live!

I'm working on the mudroom makeover this month - so stay tuned for the photos of that project.


  1. Ahhhh! These shots and your stories are wonderful! Please keep them coming! :-D Jennifer

  2. Nice photos jenni....
    Waiting for your new post:-)
    Have a good day.


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