Saturday, April 28, 2012

New Images, New Projects

(imported from my former photo blog)
It's been a fascinating couple of weeks in the making, but finally it has all come together.

After reading a great new book Choice Point, I was inspired to create some new abstract images to use in a tarot style card deck.

It was one of those projects that just flowed easily, the ideas came, I wrote them down.  I worked on the images only when I was inspired to.  
 It was almost spooky how the text part of the project came.  I sat down with the images and started writing, it just flowed out of me.

This tarot style card deck is uplifting and positive.  The messages are created to enlighten the reader and give them positive guidance.

It's called the Shift tarot.  It's a 12 card deck.  There are 8 Master cards and 4 Element cards. 

This is the cover card for the deck.

In a reading you pull one card from each deck while focusing on your query.  The messages written on the back of each card will give you clues to how you should proceed. 
I have also included a numerology equivalent to the messages, along with an additional pleasant quote for guidance.

"Cycles" from the Master deck

"Water" from the Elements deck

This is really one of the most inspired projects I have created since the 2012 project I created in 2010.
I'm still working out the best way to have them printed and waiting on the first order to arrive.
Ultimately, of course, I would love to connect with a publisher who could fine tune the details and create a final package.

If you find this interesting, please comment or leave any suggestions for printing that you have had experience with.

Meanwhile I'd also like to promote the book Choice Point, Align Your Purpose, by Harry Massey and David R. Hamilton PhD.  A very interesting and new approach to the concepts in the title.


  1. This project looks great Jeni! You are so gifted in your creativity! I hope it all lines up for you with getting a publisher and printer!

    1. Thanks Ida! It was a lot of fun making it. We'll do a reading soon as I get the first set. :)

  2. Hi Jeni! Fun images and project idea. Sounds really inspired. If you wanted the cards to be the size of business cards, you could use or another business card printer. Just an idear! ;-) Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I am trying out the biz card size with rounded edges from them first, but ultimately may need them bigger.... thanks for the tip!! :)


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