Friday, January 21, 2011

You Can Paint Your Own House

OK ladies, this one's for you.  You don't want to hire a painter, or can't afford one, but would dearly love to put your brand on your place.
OK, so here are just a few photos of my funky old retro trailer, oh, I mean mobile home.  It's a 1972 Paroy, single wide - with some extras.

 OK, pretty hideous huh?  Well fortunately it's all reachable by ladder.  So I gave myself two years to paint it.  The first year was a side and the front, the next year was the other side and the back.

 As you can see there are some interesting additions to this place.  Keep painting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I thought this two-tone green with purple trim was quite fitting for an artist.  (Landscaping in progress).

This last one was the finishing touch so I thought it would be really out there to paint the steps red!!!!!!!!!

This project took two years, but I did it all by myself.  Who says you have to hire professionals.  Although they do have their place - as does my plumber.

In another post I'll cover more of the history of this place....


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