Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Husbands and AAA

Without husbands and AAA the New Pioneer woman needs to make her choices wisely when it comes to being out in the world.
I'm not talking about being motivated by fear, I'm talking about common sense and wisdom; lowering your risk factor.

I drive an old truck.  It's paid for, gets decent gas mileage, and gets me where I want to go reliably (until I can upgrade).  I need to choose wisely where I go at what time of day, factoring in weather and road conditions. 
I live 10 miles from the nearest very small town, and 28 miles from the small town.  The road along the waterway is a small two lane highway, with many high embankments on one side and water on the other.  Few street lights.  I rarely go out after dark.

I only recently acquired a cell phone (which doesn't always get service out here in the boonies), but does allow me a little more comfort in knowing I have some form of communication while out in the world.

It's not about worrying about what could happen - as I believe that only creates a negative energy, which will surely draw it to us.  It's more like a survival guide; basic rules and guidelines to follow that lessen risk and keeps me at peace.
I carry a small overnight bag in my truck during winter in case I'm away from home and a snowstorm or mud slide happens, blocking me from returning.  It's happened several times over the past 15 years.
If I know a storm is coming, I just don't leave, I can rearrange my schedule or cancel work.

So if you have a husband and AAA, be grateful for their roadside assistance.  If you don't, then make wise choices that keep you safe and at peace.

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