Sunday, January 16, 2011


I have been living this lifestyle for about five years now, so I probably have enough experience to write about it.  This lifestyle being one of a single woman, mid fifties, self employed, living remotely.  That about sums it up.

But what's interesting is what happens in the spaces in between.  I haven't met anyone yet who is like me.  Similar lifestyle maybe, but not the same.  If I were inclined to loneliness, I would be.  That is one difference I don't find often in others.  I really enjoy my life, I'm free, totally free, well except I have to work, but I even enjoy my job.  I only need to work about three or four days a week to pay the bills.  My expenses are very low.  You could say I'm a bit of a minimalist, but only a bit.

The day to day of my life on the surface may not seem too appealing to others, (except for the freedom), but the experience is rich.  I live closely with nature, I navigate by the weather, feed the birds and meditate often.

I don't watch the news, or sports, I don't socialize much, I don't need people to entertain me.  I work on my house, I garden, take photographs, commune with the wildlife.  I am genuinely happy!

So in these upcoming blog posts I will share my life with you, whoever you are.  Perhaps there are others out there who feel different.  I invite you to share your story, your thoughts.
I will talk about my house, my job, my life.  More importantly I will share my secrets to a truly successful and fulfilling lifestyle, without all the frills - as a New Pioneer.


  1. Love your intro. Lots of people could relate to it, I think. I know I do!

  2. Thanks PPC! I'm so glad to hear you can relate!! We are few and far between I imagine, but it is a new age for all of us and we are finding our individuality through our creativity.


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