Sunday, October 30, 2016

Age VS Maturity

I was thinking recently about the differences between people's chronological age and their maturity level (not that that can really be measured).  But let's say we're having a conversation with a 65 year old who comes across more like a 40 year old.  Or a 35 year old person who seems more like a 70 year old.

These are rash generalizations, but you get my point.  I just wonder if we are putting too much emphasis on our chronological ages, pigeon-holing people into categories that they may not fit into just by virtue of some statistics.

I have a wide range of friends in all age groups, they are all different!  My friends in the same age groups are not all the same.  Some are healthier, some seem "older".

Anyway, maybe someday we'll have to give driver's licenses to a deserving class, or alcohol to a smaller group and voting rights to more people.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Peter Rabbit Jr

This is Peter Rabbit Jr., a descendant of a pair of rabbits that settled in here this year.  Adorable!
Peter Jr. has spread out his territory beyond my yard but returns every couple of weeks to visit.

He is a very polite house guest.  He doesn't eat much, doesn't disrupt the environment, and sleeps outside.

He is welcome here anytime.  :)

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Peace Deprivation

I live in a small recreational community in the forest.  Most of the time it's pretty quiet and I enjoy the peace of silence and wildlife around me.

There are several "camp" lots where people from the city come to enjoy the outdoors - I think anyway.  Mostly they bring their loud radios, barking dogs and screaming children.

I try to ignore this, rationalizing that they just don't know any better.  However some of the full time residents are just as ignorant of the quality of peace that is available to them, if they would only just shut up long enough to hear it.
Blaring TV's, radios, video games and music numb their senses.  This is Peace Deprivation I think.  And not just peace and quiet - but real peace, the kind that comes when you're at peace.

So I too suffer from Peace Deprivation because I can't turn them off.  I can however go inside my own house and have peace.

The truly blissful days are when they are all gone, and I have the neighborhood to myself.  This is true bliss.

The wildlife don't seem to mind either way, I wish I could be more like them.

I wish I could tell them it's really OK to hear what's inside your head, but you will have to come to terms with it.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bamboo Transplanting

My bamboo are reaching 12 feet tall this year, but were in need of transplanting.  I did some research and found that I could easily pull them out, cut them in half and put them in new pots.

I purchased nursery pots for the affordability and durability.  These are sturdy pots!  I think they must be made of tire rubber as that's what they smell like.

I had help on this project as it takes two people to manhandle them out of their pots, then between the chainsaw and handsaw we were able to cut them in half.  This is no easy task!

We only got to two of them, ending up with four nice new plants, spread out along the new cedar fence really adds to the privacy.  Next year we'll tackle the other two.

Along with the new layout of the front yard came much contemplation on how to landscape it.  There are several large plants that can't be moved, but everything else was flexible.
So for this year I decided to create beds around the larger plants.  The spaces left were ripe for new ideas.  I created an ornamental grass bed with rocks from the beach. 

These lovely grasses will spread out and grow tall, creating a privacy screen along the driveway.

So the view from the house is thus, so far this year. 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I began the new siding / skirting project in the Spring of 2016, juggled other outdoor projects and then added the skirting / cedar siding under the mudroom.  I could only get half way through that too, as the front porch needed dry rot boards replaced as well as leveling.

By the end of August I completed what is pictured above.  I had help with the leveling but replaced the deck boards myself and added the skirting boards.  Later I added the new gravel and began work on the landscaping.

 The top boards are now replaced (and safe!) and level.

The cedar siding / skirting looks good on this old structure, adding airflow underneath.

It's simple, it's safe and was extremely affordable.

Next Spring I can work on the surrounding landscaping to bring back that charm it had in earlier days.

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