Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I began the new siding / skirting project in the Spring of 2016, juggled other outdoor projects and then added the skirting / cedar siding under the mudroom.  I could only get half way through that too, as the front porch needed dry rot boards replaced as well as leveling.

By the end of August I completed what is pictured above.  I had help with the leveling but replaced the deck boards myself and added the skirting boards.  Later I added the new gravel and began work on the landscaping.

 The top boards are now replaced (and safe!) and level.

The cedar siding / skirting looks good on this old structure, adding airflow underneath.

It's simple, it's safe and was extremely affordable.

Next Spring I can work on the surrounding landscaping to bring back that charm it had in earlier days.


  1. I love everything about this! The color, the brilliant idea of adding a mudroom (vital here in upstate New York), and especially the Dutch door! Did you make the door out of a standard door, or were you lucky enough to find one?

    1. Hi Robin! Thanks for keeping in touch. Yep, I made the top part of the door and the bottom was from another home-made door, the concept works well for air and cuteness.
      Let me know how you're doing on your place.

    2. Hi again, Jen! I'm getting ready to start planning my mudroom/enclosed front porch, and I keep coming back to yours. It's the one I want! Did you build it yourself or have someone build it for you, or was it already there when you moved in? I'm praying you built it and are willing to tell me everything I need to know! Right now I just have a dilapidated little deck, but the snow is so deep that it's up to the doorknob on the front door. I desperately need to add on walls, a roof, and a space to remove heavy, wet winter outerwear and boots.

      I've looked at thousands of photos, blogs, DIY ideas, etc but I can't find anything as charming as your little entryway. I hope you can give me some advice...please.

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