Saturday, April 26, 2014

Searching for Spring

I took the camera out searching for signs of Spring the other day, but mostly in hopes of finding some huckleberry blossoms.  I did indeed, but I think it's their leaves that fascinate me the most.

When they first come out they are a brilliant red, eventually turning darker until they become green like the rest of them.
I tried to get photos of the tiny blossoms, but there was a breeze and I didn't have the tripod (better luck next time).

I also found some interesting mosses on the ground that were spawning these tall tentacle like stems.  Pictured here you can't really get the dimension, but they are only about two inches tall.

As I strolled around the yard I also found these early bloomers.

What's happening in your garden?


  1. Gorgeous, Jeni! Spring has sprung in my garden too. Isn't this a great time of year?! xo Jennifer

    1. Yes it is Jennifer! Thank you for stopping by :)


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