Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful, and that you will have memories to last till next year.  Unless you just ate too much food and were glad to see the relatives go home.

I had to work my day job through the holidays but things were low key around here, so no one missed me.  My days off came two days after xmas and it has been a vacation!  Well, not the sun tan and iced tea kind, but any time off is a holiday for me.

I have given my house a "clutter-ectomy"!  I have been cleaning out drawers, cupboards, closets, and shelves.  I have several boxes of stuff for donation, and organized the rest of it in to plastic bins, drawers and cubby holes.  I rearranged one small room just for the craft supplies and tools I use indoors.

In the dining room I cleared out the space under the counter where the recycle bins, deck chair cushions and other clutter used to be.  I added the portable cabinets you see in the photo and can store things inside - out of sight!

On the counter I placed two matching shelf units for books.  The huge wall mirror takes up a ridiculous amount of space, but it will stay for now - makes the room look bigger anyway.  I can still use the counter top where you see my bread machine, and eventually I will place the toaster oven, blender and juicer there.

While it's not a remodel project, it was a major reorganization and I will not show you before pictures of the clutter and dark rug that were there, but it was a feat.
The best part of this project was that it cost me nothing - nada.  I already had the cabinets and shelving.  I just needed a little elbow grease and a lot of inspiration!

What after holiday projects are you working on?


  1. Hi Jeni! I love how you added storage that hides stuff--it looks fantastic!

    I'm starting to accumulate miniature furniture and accessories, so I've been collecting clear plastic bins for them. The only place I can think of to put them is under my bed, which is supposed to be bad feng shui and affect sleep, so so far I haven't put them there! ;-) It's in process, and I'm waiting for a revelation. In the meantime, thanks for the inspiration! :-) Jennifer

  2. Thanks gals for following and commenting!

    Jennifer - I do something similar with bins, but I have put them on shelves. This concept is tidy and organized and nice to look at, not sure how the feng shui is on that... :)


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