Saturday, November 26, 2011

Windows and Doors

One of the best things you can do when you adopt your new retro trailer or mobile home is to upgrade those windows!  These old homes are about as warm as a bread box come winter, so this is a priority.

The easiest way is to retro-fit them;  replacing the existing windows with windows of the exact same size.  In this case the previous owner found windows that were a bit smaller but did some creative compensation on trim design for the final look.  I highlighted the design with accent paint.

Ultimately you want double pane vinyl windows, and some that open.

On the inside you can trim them out any way you like.

Doors are important as well.  These can easily be obtained from recycle building supply stores by the way, as can the windows.  Great discounts there, while still getting a quality item.

This is my front entrance door, beautifully simple with a lovely glass design.

It's creative to integrate the old and unique in to your retro style home.  You can stick with the traditional things that fit the time era of your place, or you can just go whimsical and fun, adding whatever you like.

This round window in my front porch / mudroom really adds creativity to my place.  It's not really a window either!  It was a single pane of glass attached to the inside wall.  The porch is not insulated so this concept works fine for a creative look.

My outside door is an old wooden door with the glass still in tact.  I plan to add an antique glass door knob there.

While it is fun to integrate the old and unique, remember to use energy efficient doors and windows where most needed.

I welcome all comments and questions, so feel free to post here!  As always, thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dickie Head Case

What?  I'm sure you all think I have lost my mind - but hear me out.
Between the house projects I have been playing with recycling ideas for clothing.  So in the spirit of the New Pioneer Style, I have come up with one more way to use those old t-shirts!

As you know I first started using the bottom half of the shirts to make a circular scarf, hand dyed and 100% cotton - bonus.  (For sale here on the blog!)

Now, I give you the sleeves - yes, I said sleeves.  I have taken the larger sizes, kept their shape and created a double function head scarf (bandana style) and neck scarf, warmer, etc.

I give you - The Dickie Headcase.

Remember the Dickie?  You might have to be a Boomer to remember them, but I have fond memories of those turtlenecks that you could wear under anything.  I liken this one to more of a lightweight neck warmer.

I of course dyed these in all my favorite colors;  teal blue, deep purple, bronze and dark green.

I was wondering if there was a market for these.  I plan to wear them in the garden, with t-shirts in the summer, or to accent any other New Pioneer outfit I have.
I also thought these would be great for those with dreadlocks, making them a unisex item! 

Have you got any ideas on other ways to wear them?  Please share! 


Friday, November 11, 2011

Retro Trailer Addition

For those of us who love our retro style trailers and mobile homes, there comes a time when more space is needed!  Fortunately for me, my place already had a terrific addition built on when I bought the place.

This is a 8'x24' addition that is built off one side of the trailer - I call it the back.  The interesting thing here is that the roof line was extended from the roof-over structure, keeping the pitch the same (see photo below).

By the way, a roof-over is a must have with these old places.  When built to code, they are extremely sturdy and last forever.  The beams are cemented in the ground.

This addition allows you to have a wood structure that you can insulate and install upgraded windows and electrical, adding warmth and efficiency.

On the inside you have full creative license to do whatever you want.  In this case of course, the previous owner went for off-white paint and wood trim. 
The section here in the photograph is just the living room portion, 12'x8'.  It's a perfect addition to the existing living room which would be really small without it since it is a single wide mobile.
The other 12'x8' section of the addition is a small room with big windows that I use for the bedroom, very cozy.

This structure is insulated, with drywall and flooring.  I love the many windows which let in so much light!

On the other side a front porch was built, which I call the mud room.  It is actually not attached to the trailer at all, just the beams and roof.  I loved the round window!

This look gives an old trailer a lot of character, besides the extra room!!
I hope this has inspired you with ideas for your own retro trailer.  Please feel free to comment or ask questions.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Journal Therapy

Clarity, direction, purpose, seem more important now than they ever have been.  Making decisions, completing important tasks, communicating effectively, are all part of our daily life.
It's important to feel as though you are making a difference and fulfilling your dreams.

This is why I journal.  I write about my day, my feelings, my desires, my mistakes.  Here is where I can be completely honest about anything.  No one else will read these words, it is a safe place for me to express myself.

I believe there is great therapeutic value in keeping a journal.  I have been doing it steadily for about 6 years.  My life was falling apart around me and I needed a safe place to express myself.  My journal welcomed me with a vow of silence, never to repeat my innermost feelings.

This is sanity maintenance, something you can do whenever you have the free time, somewhere safe you can go to express yourself.
I have found all my answers through journaling.  It's meditative.  I can work out issues, document events, and get a different perspective.  I can solve problems, record dreams, make plans.

I like structure so I write every morning about the previous day.  Once a year, usually on the winter solstice, I read back over the previous year's entries.  You can gain valuable insight into yourself with this practice!  I have discovered behavioral patterns and even seasonal ones.

There are many types of journals, and you will know what works best for you.  More ideas on this subject can be found at .

As always, I am interested in your feedback!  What have been your journal experiences?  How has it helped you?

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