Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Phase II Privacy Deck

 After two years the lovely privacy deck needed some TLC, a little sanding, new stain and hmm, maybe a make over.
I decided to install a 4 foot bamboo privacy screen - recycled from another part of the yard, originally a 6 foot screen.

The next task was inspired by a library book on landscape design.  I took the original deck apart and reassembled it in two pieces, one slightly higher than the other and away from the house wall.

I filled in the gap with rocks, a choice piece of driftwood or two, and a Buddha.  Eventually I will fill in the area to the right with more beach rocks.

I found the perfect old window frame at a building recycle place to fill in that blank wall space.  I just happen to have two old rusty pieces of chain with hooks on either end for hanging it too.

The space is usable again now, but I am still sanding the decks and staining them.  Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend hide out!


  1. Great project, Jeni! I love the clean lines and the way you recycled things to do it. Great job! Are you hiding out as I type this? :-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by PPC! How did you know... :)

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