Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little History

I call my home Retro Retreat.  Here is a little history about the place.
I was told by the former owner that Retro Retreat was rescued off Mount St. Helens sometime around the eruption and found its new home in the Olympic Mountain foothills.

In 1998 it was moved to a newly cleared lot, where the artist owner created a nook of her own, with wildflowers and nature.  Installing a new septic, upgrading the electrical, and installing a new water heater, refrigerator and stove.  She had a front porch built, and a deck off the kitchen with sliding glass doors.  Over the next 6 years she upgraded the windows and added drywall inside.

In 2005 the new owner expanded the addition, added new doors, and some new carpeting.

From 2006 to present, I began my adventure here at Retro Retreat by adding my touches of new paint indoors and out, and landscaping ideas, along with a complete fence for gardening.  I built a privacy deck out back, a wood shed, and terraced gardening space.

I'm an avid bird watcher, so I have registered the property with the WDFW as an official Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary, feeding the birds and protecting the nesting areas.


  1. What an adorable place! I love the colors and funky charm! :-)

  2. Thank you PPC! A work in progress... Thanks for your support and interactions here.


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