Friday, April 29, 2011

Before and After

Before and After images are always a lot of fun, especially if a number of years have passed, or it's a huge improvement over the previous.

This example is of my house (before it was my house), taken in 1998 when it was first "installed" here on the (then) newly cleared lot.

Much work was done to it, both inside and out.  Decks built, a roof-over, newer windows, etc.

I came here in 2005 and began my journey, adding my character.  Now, (4-2011), twelve years later, it looks like this:

Actually, that's not completely accurate as this photo was taken in 2009.  The raised beds are no  longer in the front yard, so this is partially lawn and cottage garden style flowerbeds.  I'll be posting new photos soon, I promise!


  1. Beautiful! Before and after is so much fun!

  2. Thanks for stopping by PPC! Always a joy to hear from you.


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