Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bathroom Make Over - Again

Who said you should only redo the bathroom once?

After eight years I decided to redo the bathroom once again.  I was actually getting tired of looking at those surf boards, although cute, were starting to wear on me.

So the first version was covered in this post from 2008:  http://huckleberry-hollow.blogspot.com/2011/01/bathroom-makeover.html .

Last Fall I dove in with a whole new look;  calmer, more mellow, minimalist.

I mixed the paint myself, it's a creamy beige.  I removed all of the wood trim and caulked the seams.  Pictured here (finished) with a new shower curtain and new art.

I made a tile back-splash and found a cool old hook for a hand towel rack.  I already had the wood towel racks.

The art is from a new friend I found on Etsy, Edwardo, from Spain.  He paints beautiful watercolors.  These two matched my decor perfectly.

I even painted the floor.  As per my previous success with the dining room floor, this was a terrific idea.  It really lightened up the whole room!

All floor trim was replaced with cove base, made for bathrooms and kitchens.

One last radical redo was this space above the furnace - (yes, it's in the bathroom).  Previously I used it for towels and other bathroom supplies.
Now it is strictly decor.  The salt lamp is a perfect night light too.

So there's my modernized bathroom make-over for this year!

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