Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Garden First Year

It's been two years since I took out the make-shift fencing I had up around the place.  I just hadn't planned on gardening again to the degree I had before.  But, I missed my vegetables, and there is no keeping the deer away from young tender greens.

I planned a small space to start with, about 15 by 8 feet, fenced.  I had to dig up part of my yard to get rid of weeds and grass, as well as leveling it out and terracing it up on one end.
But it didn't take long before I had a sturdy enough fence enclosure with a gate.

The sun exposure is good here too, gets almost all day sun at this time of year.

Looking in the front section I have mostly pots this first year, for easy veggies like spinach and herbs and cherry tomatoes.

At the back I have utilized the base of my pear tree for squash and broccoli.  There are also other plants in here protected against the deer, like iris, lupine and columbine.

This is a small, easy care garden space for the first year.  I can keep up with the watering and weeding.
Perhaps I'll expand it next year, meanwhile it is the perfect space for one.


  1. Perfect! Love how you just put your mind to these projects and handle them beautifully, Jeni! Small is beautiful. Who needs to get overwhelmed by too big? xo Jennifer


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