Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Spring Wildflowers

Touring the yard this time of year becomes an enjoyable part of my day since new things are blooming all the time.  Growth is explosive and lush, as if it just can't wait to express it's fullness.

I love these miniature iris.  They stay in bloom for several days.  I rescued them from a weedy spot in the ground and replanted them in pots.  It took two seasons for them to bloom again, but they are doing well now.

The chives have already grown and blossomed!  I love these little puff balls.  I usually cut back the first round of blooms so I can get a more tender chive, but this month they are all eager to bloom.

I have several lovely wild columbine around the yard in different colors, they are just coming out.  And the lupine is starting to show it's color as well.

More photos to come!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wild Wild Rhodies

One of my favorite times in Spring is when the wild Rhododendrons begin to bloom.

I love how they just know how to grow and thrive and bloom all by themselves. One of my easiest plants!

I strolled through the property this morning as the sun was coming up and got these little treasures as well.

I am also amazed at ferns.  They are so elegant as they unravel into perfect fronds of feathery green.

 Of course I cannot forget the huckleberries.... for they are everywhere.  At this time of the Spring, they are blossoming and in shades of pink and red leaves.

So Spring carries on, bringing color and life to my hillside.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Work Stations

I am enjoying my kitchen table so much that I thought this table design would be a great office work station as well!  

This table is a little taller and I added a lower shelf.  Also did not have the available reclaimed wood that I did with the kitchen table, so I bought the pieces.

I had only two planks of reclaimed wood for this - and still need one more to finish the sides!
But in the end I like it and the light pine is a lovely addition against my dark green / sponge painted wall.

So here it is in action.  Housing the printer, paper and other supplies.  I like it as a standing work station but can also slide a stool up to it for sitting projects.

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