Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Solstice 2013

While most folks here in the northern hemisphere are looking forward to the beginning of summer as if it were a new season full of new beginnings - those of us who work and live with nature see it as a time of waning.  The plant growth slows and stabilizes, as do we.

Our energy has peaked and stops for reflection.  Observing our labors of Spring and taking a deep sigh of fulfilled accomplishment.  

I have been finishing up projects and starting others that have been on the list far too long.  I freshened up the flower beds and burned all the brush from the hill clearing.

I have been getting the firewood a cord at a time this year which makes it so much easier to get stacked and dry.

I've trained the clematis to grow up the pear tree this year and it seems to really enjoy the company!

I've got a major project in the works for the last bit of clean up and paint on the northwest side of the back of the house.  Long neglected because it is out of sight - mine too.  But it is time to finish up.  A coat of paint and a few repairs.  However today I encountered two bees nests near the area, so may have to return in the Fall.

As New Pioneers we spend this time looking to fall and winter needs, while still being able to stay present in the season and enjoy the warmth of summer - as we know all too soon it turns to cold.

What projects have you been working on?

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