Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Creative Income

 In an effort to return to reality so to speak - where I interact with live people out in the world - and take my cottage industry creations to brick and mortar locations, I am delighted to report the efforts are paying off.

In early summer I had a conversation with a local shop owner who was interested in offering local artists work.  It was kismet of course because I had been looking for a location.

We excitedly exchanged ideas and within a week I was bringing her inventory for a new line of of jewelry and a selection of my images on cards and prints.

July was a terrific month for creativity and sales for me.  I was definitely in the right place at the right time.

As far as the creative process went, I had to create a completely new and different look than I had ever done before.  My client asked for natural looking jewelry that was very different from what she already carried.
From my adequate supply of gemstones and natural cording, I created the first pieces.  Pictured below are two of the necklaces.

I decided to keep it super simple, two necklace designs and one bracelet design, using gemstones, accent beads, and natural cord.
The bracelets are made with memory wire.

 I also decided on a cute name for the line; Earthy Girl, and made my own labels.

The shopkeeper and I worked together on the pricing as I had been out of the loop for quite a while on this subject.

When the July sales reflected the interest in these pieces I took the hour and a half drive to the huge bead warehouse, Shipwreck Beads.  I focused only on what I was currently creating, to keep the expense realistic.

Since our connection, the shopkeeper has recruited a few more local artists and has created a lovely new area of the store for us.  (More photos of that coming soon!).

On Saturday, September 22nd I will be the Featured Artist there.  I will be in the shop all day talking about my art and showcasing my newest work.

This is only one of many terrific avenues for the new pioneer.  Supplemental income has become essential to many who are wanting to live more freely from the hectic 9 to 5 lifestyles.
Anything you know how to do can be turned into income;  house cleaning, organizing, cooking, to selling extra produce from your garden.  You name it, you can turn it into income.

I'll post again to announce the show and share some images of the store displays.


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Your jewelry is fantastic, and I love your tags. Everything looks so professional. You are a natural at making gorgeous jewelry, Jeni! High five!!!!! Keep going--this is it!!!!! xo Jennifer

    1. Jennifer you are an inspirational delight! Thank you SO much. :)

  2. Jeni,

    Your jewelry is amazing! So glad to hear from you, and that you are offering this beautiful line of jewelry. It's so beautiful and natural.

    Thanks so much for visiting! Wishing you continued good fortune!!



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