Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Fairies Made Me Do It!

 Living closely with nature on a day to day basis one becomes accustomed to strange noises and unusual events.  I have come to accept these as the routine activities of Elementals and Fairies, hard at work (or play) in the garden and nearby forest.

Recently my hearing has become more acute, a clairaudient level - above the ordinary sounds.
The wildlife are getting tamer, and many eat out of my hand, they seem to recognize me as one of them.

I've definitely been more creative lately and so inspired that I had to make a list of all the ideas I have!
Today I feel inspired to share the message of the fairies and elementals, not so coincidentally on the same day of the Venus Transit, which will occur only once in our lifetime!

The message is not new and many of our well respected sensitives are receiving this information as well.
The earth needs healing.  It's not new news, everywhere you read or see the stories, good and bad.  I'm not going to get into that - you can find them on your own.

More importantly I think my message is about accountability, just start by taking care of your own back yard, so to speak.  Eat and grow organically, don't poison the earth or your bodies.  Grow trees, make habitat for wildlife.  Buy local, use less, enjoy nature more.  Pretty simple.

My mission has always been about simple living, getting back to what really matters in life;  quality of life, healthy life.

So the fairies want you to know they are there for you, in your own surroundings, tending to your gardens and bringing you pleasure and beauty.  Don't forget to thank them!!


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