Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Waiting for Spring - Memories Revisted

Spring seems to have forgotten me this year.  Several late snows and a lot of rain aren't very encouraging to new growth or my attitude!
So I thought it would be a good time to reflect on past memories of life here in my community.

Trying to pick the best photos of visiting wildlife is difficult when there are so many to choose from!  But among memorable moments are these of a bobcat, bear, a squirrel, and a snake.  See captions for highlights.

One of two local bobcats a few years back.

This fearless youngster visited my yard several times.
Gotta love it when they stop to pose.
This is a common snake here, not poisonous!
I think the most snow I've had at one time was the winter of 2008.  At one point I measured three and a half feet depth - not really common for my area. 
I made this holiday card for my family out of state that year.  We all had a good laugh!

Fun with friends are also too many to name, but a few photos I ran across were these:

This group of women were part of a fun outing I created back when I had the art gallery collective.  We called ourselves Women in Wildlife, but later I think we preferred Wild Women.
We took day trips around the local area to explore trails, waterfalls and commune with nature.

This is one of my favorite photos from a couple of years ago when two of my friends and I attended OysterFest.  We had an opportunity to wear these "costumes" and get our photo taken with live geoducks!  (No harm came to them during this process by the way).

One of those friends went on to form a large drum circle group here which attracted people from all over.  It still carries on at our local library (after hours of course).

There are so many reason to love living in an area with a slower pace, nature abounds, and people are respective of it, for the most part.  You can hear yourself think, you have time to breath.
The highlight of my week is a day off that I can sit on the deck and bird watch, or work in the yard.
There is something nurturing in a simple life, it's somehow more fulfilling with less going on.


  1. Nice post, Jeni! I love getting to know you better through more details about your life, from the wildlife to the Wild Women! I love your last line--that's a good thought for me to ponder over the coming week. :-) Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, something amuck with the functions here...
      Yeah, sometimes it's the simple things that please us most, isn't it.

  2. What a pleasure it's been to read your post Jeni!! It must be wonderful to live among nature loving, like minded souls. Your photos are amazing, the young bear in your garden, what can I say, WOW!!! I would love to be so near to one of my favorite animals :)
    I love reading about your life as I have always had a yearning to live as you do.
    Vicky xxxx

    1. Vicky, thanks so much for your comments. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, something wasn't working in the functions here.
      I'm so glad you enjoy the blog, I hope to bring you more wildlife photos soon - if they will just stand still!! :)


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