Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Natural Pesticide

I have been watching my environment lately as Spring progresses.  Warmer humid air brings out more bugs.
The hooded juncos were pecking at an old stump and the swallows have returned to feast on flying bugs.

Mother Nature was taking good care of the planet before we showed up.  Everything in its natural state functions perfectly.

When I first moved here I had problems with mice, ants, slugs, etc.  I confess I haven't always been a good steward of the land, I was annoyed and wanted immediate results to rid myself of these pests.
Armed with slug bait, ant spray and mouse poison I proceeded to make my human mark on the land.

Needless to say I felt bad about it and went to work to make peace with the earth.  It wasn't easy, but now that Mother Nature has forgiven me I can see the perfection in it all.

I have become more of an observer of my surroundings.  Most of the work is being done for me!
Daily, I watch the birds pecking on the ground, in the brush, and on trees.  You've seen them too, the towhee, junco, sparrow, nuthatch, woodpecker, warbler, robin, brown creeper - just to name a few.  They are eating bugs.  
Bats eat mosquitoes as do swallows.  Raccoons eat slugs, juncos eat ants.  Snakes will feed on mice, slugs and spiders, as do some frogs.

They are all a natural pesticide!  It's a beautiful symmetry, all working together to keep balance.  It's only when we introduce non native plants and soils that put our environment at risk, but worse damage comes from chemicals.

So I learned by letting go - and letting my environment guide me.  Not so surprisingly, I now have less pest problems, my environment is healthier and I have all these new friends!


  1. You have all these new friends! How precious--I love this post. I didn't realize how many critters ate the critters we consider pests--that's really good to know. Thanks again for another lovely post! :-) Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer for being here - as always! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

  2. Hi Jeni,
    I loved reading this post and I totally agree it's not always easy gardening organically but it feels so much better. I have big problems with slugs and snails as it's so wet here in England. Sadly They've eaten all my baby parsley plants already :) I have a precious friend who has an organic small holding and her ducks eat the slugs, thay love them :) I would love a few ducks here :)
    Vicky xxxx

    1. Vicky, short of keeping everything in pots above ground... you can also use small tubs in the ground with beer or a yeast and sugar solution. They crawl in and croak, but it works.
      I think our climates are pretty similar, so I feel for you.


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