Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Snow Days

As with all glitches in life, I try to accept the inevitable shifts and changes in plans.
I think snow days are life's way of saying hey - slow down, smell the coffee, stoke the fire.
They are never planned and often a surprise, if not a monkey wrench thrown in your busy path.

Yesterday was just such a day for me.  Living in the foothills of a mountain range one becomes accustomed to weather anomalies.  The main road at sea level could be clear - but here at 800 feet we could have six inches to a foot of snow - even in March!

I bought an all wheel drive car last year and have quickly learned its limits - and mine.  It's not a snow plow and is no match for gravity on a slippery hill.  It performs much like a ballerina on ice skates on level ground that's icy.

So on these snow days I stay home, change plans, cancel work, apologize to clients.  What else can one do?
I find these unexpected days off to be a test of my attitude.  If I give in and allow it to be a gift, then it is much more enjoyable.

Soon I will find myself cooking and baking, or cleaning, sewing, reading a good book by the fire, or writing a blog post!  Time will pass and I will have forgotten all about the missed appointments.

I think it's a great lesson, a metaphor for life.  When sudden changes are thrown at you - are you resilient?  Flexible?  Adaptable?  I'd like to think that these bumps in the road are also part of the grand plan.


  1. I love this post! Your writing flows so beautifully! Can't wait for your next one! :-) Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer! What a nice compliment! :)

  2. Hai Jeni,
    Nice words...
    Its really fantastic to have
    a Cup of coffee and reading a book
    by the fire...
    Have a great time friend..

    Kind regards,


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