Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Feathered Friends

This week I had a rare afternoon free and the weather was tolerable, so I took the hour long drive up to my favorite shop in Gardiner, WA.;  WildBirds Unlimited.  Do you have one in your area?

This one is truly a treasure, equipped with everything you could possibly want in your backyard wildlife sanctuary.
What's really unique is their landscaped, bird friendly area with a large pond and waterfall.

On this visit to WB I got an extension for my bird feeding pole system I bought there a while back, which came with two extensions for hanging feeders. 
Currently I use one for the WB (lifetime guarantee) blackoil sunflower seed feeder, and the other for their woodpecker friendly suet feeder made from recycled plastics.

My new third extension will accommodate my newest feeder, the (also lifetime guarantee) thistle feeder.

Right now I have mostly hooded juncos, towhees and purple finches.  One or two flickers have visited the suet feeder as well.

A couple of days after I put up the new thistle feeder I noticed the juncos had taken a liking to it!  They are primarily a ground feeding bird.
Today my first pine sisken of the season has arrived.  They are usually the reason I put up a thistle feeder at this time of year.  Also when the goldfinches arrive they will feed on thistle too.

I often refer to my Backyard Bird Sightings tracker to see who is arriving on time and who might be earlier, or later, than previous years.  So far everything seems about normal even with the late snows we had in March.

My first hummingbirds began arriving last week, and the first Rufus of the season arrived just two days ago.  Soon I will have to put up a second feeder to accommodate all of them!

I moved the swallows nesting box this year to a safer location, so I hope they like it and decide to stay.  They should be arriving sometime within the next month.

I also put up a new nesting box on the back of the house in hopes of attracting the chickadees, who usually get voted out by the swallows for the first box.

This year I'm also hoping to get more and better photos with a couple of new accessories;  another tripod and a remote shutter, as well as a couple of new spots to set up and shoot from.

What birds are returning to your area?


  1. Fun to hear about your bird feeding system! I haven't noticed which birds are returning, but I've sure noticed a lot more activity! ;-) Jennifer

    1. It's a great time to put up more feeders for the returning birds - or just scatter some goodies on the ground for them. Enjoy!! :)

  2. Hi!

    Thanks for stopping by! The robins and cardinals are here right now. The poor babies were flying into the windows at work this week. We decided they thought they were seeing another bird, and were trying to mate. Don't know if that was the case.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    1. I read an interesting article at about why birds crash into windows. Hope this helps!!
      Thanks for posting, and happy retirement!! :)

  3. Fascinating that your home was just covered in snow a few weeks ago and now you've got hummingbirds! Thanks for stopping by...I'm glad to meet another bird lover ;)

    1. Thanks for following my blog Cat! Yes, ditto on the bird loving!! :)

  4. Hi Jeni,
    I've only just discovered you have another blog and I am very happy to find it!!!
    I loved reading about your visits from feathered friends, oh how I wish we had hummingbirds in England!! I can't wait to see the photos you take!!
    I get all sorts of birds in my garden and love to watch them and listen to them. After living in this home for two and a half years we now get all sorts of beautiful birds as I've put feeders everywhere :0)
    I keep meaning to make some little birds for my miniature garden aswell:0)
    Hugs and I will be following your posts
    Vicky xxxx

    1. Hi Vicky! Welcome to my other blog. It's great to know you're another bird lover! :)


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