Friday, February 17, 2012

Networking Via Guest Interviews

(imported from my former photo blog)
Recently I interviewed a dear friend and fellow blogger, Jennifer at Plushpussycat. about her adorable greeting cards and marketing tips.  
I really wanted to share another persons perspective on how to get started marketing their art on greeting cards.  It's such a rewarding process and perfect for those who are new to marketing.

What I didn't know when I wrote that post was how far reaching it would be and the reciprocal effects it would have on my own blog!  I have gained new followers and many page views - thank you!  

I guess it boils down to the power of networking.  If we are sincere about wanting to share our own strategies for success and also willing to invite our associates to share their strategies, then I believe we create a win-win situation.

The power of the guest interview is underestimated.  Two or more people putting their heads together and sharing twice as much information to an even greater audience.  Besides the new friends you make! 
Doesn't get much better than that.

My first post on marketing for beginners is here , and the interview is here .


  1. Nice post, Jeni! You make some great points about the multiple benefits of having guest interviews on your blog. OK, you've convinced me! I should do something along these lines too. :-) Thanks for the link to my blog. I also love the two links to the previous articles in this series on marketing yourself as an artist--makes it so easy to find them. :-) Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! I'm glad to have you as a dear friend and fellow blogger!! I appreciate your support.
      Yes, I think the guest blogger idea will go far for everyone!!


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