Saturday, January 28, 2012

Small Town Living

Like the song from Cheers, "...where everybody knows your name".  I live near possibly the smallest town I have ever seen, consisting of a motel, store, and gas station (combined!), and a post office.  There is also a lovely old building used for community events and meetings.  
There aren't any population signs so I can't tell you how many people live in this area, but there are a lot more than you would think based on the tiny town.
What I love about it though, is that you're on a first name basis with the shopkeepers.  The pace is a little slower here and no one really seems to be in a hurry.

Down the road about four miles is the next largest town where they have a bigger grocery store and gas station, real estate, gift shops, library and a few restaurants.  Here too, we are all on a first name basis.
No waiting (or paying) for parking, no long lines at the store and I don't think you need a reservation for a meal.

In the tourist season they flock here for recreation, but in the off season we get it all to ourselves.  Scenic mountain ranges, stunning sunrises and sunsets, and unfortunately, the occasional snow storm.

I believe it is the slower pace that offers us a better quality of life, and an opportunity for a more fulfilling life as well.  It's important to be able to hear yourself think, breath fresh air and take in a majestic view. 

While I sometimes miss being able to attend a play or concert, there are larger towns I can get to for these if I choose.  There are also community events one can attend.

It's amazing how relaxing it can be to just sit on the deck and listen to the birds without the droning sound of passing cars or people's voices.
Everyone should get to experience this at least once in a lifetime.

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  1. Ahhh, like a breath of fresh air! It sounds soooo relaxing! :-) Jennifer


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