Friday, December 9, 2011

Return of the Hand Written Note

(imported from my former photo blog)
The rebel in me wants to title this:  Ban E-Cards!  But I thought a more diplomatic approach might be best.  What I really want to say is "Please buy real holiday cards this year - preferably locally, and by artists".

I think this is one terrific way to stimulate the economy.  Look at how many people benefit (profit) from this gesture.  Paper suppliers, printing companies, the postal service, and most importantly the artists who created the images!

Just think, you buy the cards, use your own handwriting to communicate to family and friends, put a stamp on it and mail it yourself.  What a service!

We are all so automated these days;  texting, emailing, anything that will free up our time.  I get that, but what about the personalization of a real tangible card, hand written by you?  What does that say about you?  That you care enough to send the very best - or however that phrase goes.  You care enough to take that time for that person or business to say, hey, I'm thinking of you.

I also think this is a perfect holiday for real artist made cards.  Make them yourself!  Or buy from an artist you know.  I am using my own images this year, a great personal gift of my art, a 5x7 card that can be framed!  The gift of art with a personal message, not to mention a great marketing tool.

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  1. Here here! I'm totally with you! I don't enjoy the few e-cards I receive. I find them to be an annoyance. I LOVE, however, to receive a real card in the mail--what a treat! As a card designer myself, I couldn't agree with you more, Jeni! ;-)


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