Monday, December 12, 2011

Art & Photography Part II

(imported from my former photo blog)
Upon further reflection from my first post on this subject, I have more to say about this.
 I'm thinking the mediums need sub-mediums.  Let's explore them just in photography.

At one point I was calling my work Evolution Medium while I was creating the 2012 Series.

These images literally evolved from my original photographs.  I would add color, effects, more color, more effects, until I got something I really liked.  Perhaps it was the dark days of winter that lead me to this, but the end result was a collection of light and color that intrigued me.

Another project I created was The New World series.  In these I would keep as much of the original image as I could so it would be recognizable to some degree by the viewer, then I just added distortion effects.
Like this one:

The scenes are realistic but they still have movement.

A good picture is just a pretty scene until you overhaul it.  Having said that, many viewers prefer a pretty scene, and there are some amazing ones out there!

So maybe that pretty landscape is realism and the tweaked post production is abstract; creating the art after the image.

So what do we call these new mediums?  And who are we, the ones creating it?  Are we artist-photographers, or photography-artists?  Are we digital artists?  Or post production artists?  Edit-artists????  I welcome some feedback on these ideas or if you have found yourself in a similar quandary..


  1. I'll let others come up with the titles, Jeni, but I have to tell you, I adore that second photo of yours! It just makes me feel so calm when I look at it. It's so earthy, grounded, and Pacific NW forest-ish! I love it! :-)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! That's called "New Moon", now part of my limited edition series the New World.

    I'm so glad it has a feeling of calmness for you. I am always hopeful that my images will feel as good to the viewer as they do to me when I create them.
    Thanks again!


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