Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scarf Ideas

OK, I promised to post some photo ideas for how to wear the new 100% cotton up-cycled scarves made from thrifted t-shirts.
For those you who haven't been following the posts, or are new to the blog, these scarves have been hand dyed and made from recycled white cotton t-shirts.  It's basically a no sew project that anyone can do.  Just cut off the bottom half of a t-shirt!

OK, starting off the fashion show with our glass head model (who is nameless right now), showing above is the bronze colored scarf dyed solid, which comes out marbled, wrapped twice around our models neck.  This is the most practical way to wear it.  They stretch well and are quite warm by the way!

This scarf is tie dyed by using a twist method.  I have wrapped it once around the neck and then over the head.  A little spooky looking on our model here, but you get the idea!

Now this is both of them together, intertwined.  On a real person they would hang down in front.  But this is an example of how to combine the two colors together.

I thought this version was really cute for a bad hair day.  Twisted, and wrapped twice around the head.

So those are the first few ideas I had on how to wear these.  They will be available for sale at the Wandering Wardrobe in Port Townsend after Tuesday Oct. 18th.  They sell for only $10 each!  The colors available now are the above bronze, amethyst (which is closer to hot pink), deep purple, dark green, new black, olive drab and teal blue.  There are about four of each color, two are solids and two are tie dyed. ( Please see the previous posts for photos of these colors.)

It's been really fun making them.  They tend to be unique unto themselves as they are all different sizes, lengths and weights.  Even the dye takes differently to some of them.
I hope you have enjoyed the process as much I have!


  1. Your scarves look great in all of the different poses shown! They look so soft and snuggly too!

  2. Thank you Jennifer for your feedback and continued support! :)


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