Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Scarves!

Finally!  Here are four of the 20 new scarves.  These are upcycled from pieces of white cotton t-shirts, and dyed.

I have been working like a maniac to get these done.  I have an appointment in Port Townsend in October at the Wandering Wardrobe where my dear friend Beverly has graciously invited me to show and sell these little gems.

Shown here are teal blue, amethyst, deep purple and new black.  I also have two shades of green and camel, not shown.

I need a name for them folks!  Any ideas?  Neck warmers comes to mind, but they can also be worn as a head scarf.  Please post all ideas.  Keep in mind they are true to the New Pioneer Style.

I have already made the first sale, right out of my studio.  I don't even have the labels made up yet.

These scarves are circular, can be wrapped once, twice, and some of them three times around.  They are soft cotton in scrumptious colors, and they retail for only $10 each!

I will make an announcement here when they are available at the Wandering Wardrobe.  Then my next goal will be to make them available on-line.


  1. Very pretty colors, Jeni! Congrats on your first sale--yay! How about calling them "New Pioneer Scarves?" Scarf works, because everyone knows you can use a scarf in multiple ways. Give it another name, and people might not know what it is. Just my two cents. :-) Whatever you decide, they're beautiful! :-)

  2. Thank you Jennifer! You are so right about keeping "scarf" in there.
    I will be photographing them in a variety of ways in the coming days, so stay tuned!
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! Much appreciated. :)


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