Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Scarves!

Finally!  Here are four of the 20 new scarves.  These are upcycled from pieces of white cotton t-shirts, and dyed.

I have been working like a maniac to get these done.  I have an appointment in Port Townsend in October at the Wandering Wardrobe where my dear friend Beverly has graciously invited me to show and sell these little gems.

Shown here are teal blue, amethyst, deep purple and new black.  I also have two shades of green and camel, not shown.

I need a name for them folks!  Any ideas?  Neck warmers comes to mind, but they can also be worn as a head scarf.  Please post all ideas.  Keep in mind they are true to the New Pioneer Style.

I have already made the first sale, right out of my studio.  I don't even have the labels made up yet.

These scarves are circular, can be wrapped once, twice, and some of them three times around.  They are soft cotton in scrumptious colors, and they retail for only $10 each!

I will make an announcement here when they are available at the Wandering Wardrobe.  Then my next goal will be to make them available on-line.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Pioneer Wheels

A friend of mine suggested I write about my recent experience searching for, and purchasing a new car.

Although I am fairly confident in most areas of my life, I did feel a bit of trepidation for this task.  I needed to research the vehicles, then decide what would work best for me, then of course, actually go out and purchase one!

I started with the research.  Luckily I found the April 2011 issue of Consumers Report magazine to be all about cars.  The reviews for the 2011's and extensive information on used cars.  I studied this for hours.  I already had in mind a few cars I liked, but read about all of the competitors as well.

Now here is where I may lose a few skeptics about mysticism and metaphysics, but I am willing to take that chance.  I meditated daily on this issue and instead of visualizing "the" car I wanted, I focused on the energy of the outcome;  the things I wanted and needed in a car. 
Where I live, city cars don't make the cut.  Here we need something that can handle hills, snow, rain and mud.  So it was important for me to look at the all wheel drives, clearance underneath, and versatility.  Of course price was key, so the fancy SUV's were out.

While I was in this process I saw many cars that caught my attention.  Here is where the "signs" of the process came in.  I was attracted to the Vibe, Matrix, Fit and Focus, all great cars. 
It took me a while to figure out that it was not the cars, but the names of the cars that were the signs!
So I "focused" on the "vibe" that would form the "matrix" to give me the perfect "fit". 

Of course by now it had been six months in to my research and I was pretty clear about what I needed.  One day in a parking lot I saw the Suzuki SX4 and was quite taken with it's hatchback, four doors and overall look.  It was of course on my list of best AWD small cars, but I wasn't convinced yet. 

As I continued my search I applied for financing online at both Honda and Toyota, but got no response, interesting.  Then I found a pre-owned SX4 online and applied there.  I got a response in 30 minutes via email and phone! 
It was a very pleasant experience from application to delivery.  By the way, I ended up with a 2011 SX4, as I just could not pass up the incredible warranties!!!

So the moral of the story is this.  One has to use more than your head smarts to make decisions and follow through.  A keen intuition, and trust of that intuition is vital.  You will know when you have made the right choice or decision, as it feels really good!

So here's the new vehicle for the new pioneer at retro retreat.

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