Saturday, August 6, 2011

More Scarfing...

OK, carrying on with the up-cycling theme.  This double project came from two white cotton t-shirts.
The neck scarf (worn by our wicker model) is an infinity scarf that is longer and narrower than the first one I made, it wraps four times.  This scarf is for my friend Mira, who is donating a load of clothing and fabric to me!  (My pledge to all donators btw!)

The headband / scarf is my little creation for working out in the yard... probably the hummingbirds will love it!
Both are dyed Deep Purple.

 And pictured here is Mira wearing her new scarf! 


  1. I love the combo--do you have to split them up?! ;-) Very pretty color. Amazing what can be made from t-shirts, huh? Are they available for sale anywhere?

  2. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting Jennifer! I appreciate your support.
    I'm still perfecting the designs, but hope to have things available for sale soon!


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