Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Catching Up!

This has been the busiest summer in my life since 2008 when I was building my janitorial business back up.  This summer I was invited by a dear friend to help with her vacation rental and we just had a blast.  It was work, and a learning curve, but isn't that what life is all about??

Even with the time I spent away from HH, I still had time to work in the yard (it is, after all, our first love isn't it?).  As I watched the grass and surrounding foliage turn to brown it occurred to me that this could be the way of the future.  Less rain, dryer summers, longer periods of time without water.

I decided to create a cottage garden in the front of the house.  Condensing all of the plants that need water the most into a smaller more manageable area.  Of course this was followed up by more rigorous fencing to keep the hungry deer out.

I worked for a month, transplanting and building.  Then one night a bear roamed through (as they often do) mowing over my fencing in several places.  Apparently later that evening the deer came through and ate all of the tender plants.  Was it a conspiracy?  Were they working together on this?  I was in a state of shock the next morning to find all my hard work demolished, in one night!

Needless to say I was pretty depressed for a couple of weeks.  I patched things up as best I could.  The deer got in again!  Obviously my fence building skills are not top notch. 
I gave up, I gave in,  I took out all the gates.  Let them eat it all I thought, I can't win.

When I recovered from my pity party I realized I could just fence in the original section that had worked for several years without anyone breaking in.  So I did that, and since have had no problems!

So this summer the pseudo garden shed got a makeover and became the cabana!  I took the walls off and opened it up, added a platform deck and chairs, wala!  A new place to sit in the shade.

So the cottage garden idea still stands, and the deer salad bar is now closed.  Next summer I can water a smaller area saving time and conserving on water! 

Behind the house I have an area I call the Privacy Deck.  It's secluded and cozy.  The large planter I built last year worked really well for the Hosta.  I also have Autumn Rose here and some day lilies.  This area is also fenced off from hungry deer. 

Early Fall brought a ton of rain, much needed and greatly appreciated, so I had a lot of different kinds of mushrooms.  Mostly inedible, but quite photogenic.

So the firewood's in and the extra work is pretty much slowing down.  The wildlife are resuming their foraging and I am enjoying reading by the fire.

I plan to get out for some local photo shoots to try out some new filters too, so stay tuned for more!

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