Thursday, December 4, 2014

Summer vistors

Over the Spring, Summer and early Fall I have had a few fun little visitors.  I always have birds at the feeders and an occasional deer, coyote or raccoon, but this year I had a visit from a Jack Rabbit, only one day off from last years Jack Rabbit visit, according to my wildlife tracking calendar.

What a cutie!!  He only hung out for a day, but it was fun to watch him frolick around and enjoy the local fare.

Over the Spring months I was visited often by a Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Probably a female as she was large.  We crossed paths on several occasions, quite literally, as she dove in for a meal, and often missed.  I felt bad for her, but I do so love my other birds.
One day she missed getting a chipmunk and landed on my old spool table, giving me just enough time to capture this shot.

Deer and raccoons came by all through the months too.

I also had the pleasure of getting this shot of two goldfinch fledglings on their first day out, although shot through the kitchen window.

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