Saturday, October 5, 2013

Reclaimed Wood

Another fun project I have been saving wood for.  This is my new kitchen center / eating table.  It still smells a little of wood stain and saw dust as I just finished it today.

I have been saving the reclaimed wood for years - - as I knew it would be something special once I thought of it!  The top of course is a new piece of pine.  I didn't have enough of the reclaimed wood for a top and wasn't going to wait another couple years till I did!

This is basically 2x4's, 2x6's and a couple of odd pieces on the ends which I found on the beach.
I really like the upper pieces of 2x6 under the top. 

It's a super basic design that anyone could do.  I don't have a skill saw so I couldn't make indented cuts for a flush fit, but actually, I like it rough looking like this.
It's the perfect height for me to sit at with my stool.

So here's where you'll find me for meals, binoculars close at hand for bird watching!

Total cost $32.  $24 for the pine and $8 for a box of wood screws.

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