Tuesday, September 25, 2012

After Party

The Featured Artist Show went great!  I had a lot of fun and got to see some old friends and meet new ones.
I set my table up like this.

I had a lot of product for a small space, but wanted to represent a sampling of all the things I do.
So the card rack worked well for new images, and the table display of cards was great for older images.
The big prints were on the floor as pictured and in the bin.
The New Pioneer upcycled infinity scarves were in the basket and displayed on the wicker head.  The jewelry I brought with me fit in the middle.  

Janene, the store owner, took a few more shots of me with the products.

There was a lot of people through the store that day!  I arrived at 10am and stayed till closing at 5pm.  There must have been 100 people come through.  Lots of gals on weekend getaways looking for fun finds.

I sold most of the jewelry inventory that I brought and some more of the current inventory already in the store.  Note to self - make more jewelry!

A few close friends stopped in to show their support and even one of my favorite former clients came in.
It's really the people that make these gigs enjoyable I think.

So the economy is improving, or at least people are a little more inspired to spend money again.

I'm really grateful for this local outlet for my art, it has brought me back to life again I think.  I was afraid people had gotten too practical and weren't buying art anymore.

So there you have it, the after party was me going to bed early and sleeping like a log.....  :)

Friday, September 21, 2012

Art Show!

Featured Artist for September at the Pier 101 Gift Boutique in Hoodsport, WA.

I am pictured here with my display corner in the store.  Tomorrow is the big day for the featured artist show where I will have a separate table set up with additional inventory.

The announcements have been sent out as well as my monthly newsletter from my website at www.jenigray.com .

The new Earthy Girl jewelry line is taking off quite well!  People are enjoying the selection of natural materials and stones - especially the very affordable bracelets made with memory wire that form right to your wrist.  I can hardly keep up with the demand.

If you're in my area, please stop in and say hello.  I will be there all day Saturday, Sept. 22nd, talking about my art and demonstrating how to wear some of the jewelry pieces.

My goal as always, is to raise awareness for sustainable products, buying local and keeping things environmentally friendly.  This should include clothing and accessories!  

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