Good Reads

This page contains an ever growing list of books I love, highly recommend and would like to share with you.

Big Magic - by Elizabeth Gilbert
Biology of Belief - by Dr. Bruce Lipton
Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - by Dr. Joe Dispenza
I Can See Clearly Now - by Dr. Wayne Dyer
Money a Love Story - by Kate Northrup
Crazy Sexy Kitchen - by Kris Carr and Chef Chad Sarno
Winter Blues - by Norman E Rosenthal MD
You Can Heal Your Life - by Louise Hay
Power vs Force - by David R Hawkins MD PhD
Your Sacred Self - by Dr. Wayne W Dyer
Choice Point - by Harry Massey and David R Hamilton PhD
The Reconnection - by Dr. Eric Pearl
Making Work Work for the Highly Sensitive Person - by Barrie Jaegar
Feelings Buried Alive Never Die - by Karol K Truman
Barefoot Executive - Carrie Wilkerson
The Secret - by Rhonda Byrne
The Power of Intention - by Dr. Wayne W Dyer
Ask and It Is Given - by Abraham / Hicks
Quiet - Susan Cain